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‘Fraud is fun’ Draft Kings hacker pleads guilty in fantasy sports betting case


Dan Mangan@_DanMangan


Sports betting company DraftKings’ logo is displayed on a smartphone screen.
Budrul Chukrut | Lightrocket | Getty Images

A Wisconsin teenager pleaded guilty Wednesday in New York federal court to conspiracy in connection with a scheme to hack user accounts at the Draft Kings fantasy sports betting website and with others steal about $600,000 from its customers.

The defendant, Joseph Garrison, had boasted “fraud is fun” in a message that he had sent to his co-conspirators before he was nabbed by authorities, court filings show.

“im addicted to see money in my account,” wrote the now 19-year-old Garrison. ”im like obsessed with bypassing s—.”

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office said Garrison on Nov. 18 last year launched a so-called “credential stuffing attack” on the website. Hackers in such attacks use stolen user credentials obtained from past data breaches to gain authorized access to user accounts.

“Garrison and others successfully accessed approximately 60,000 accounts at the Betting Website,” the office said.

In some instances, the hackers were able to add a new payment method to the accounts, and after depositing $5 through the new method to verify it was authentic, were able to draing the accounts of “all the existing funds in the Victim Account,” prosecutors said.

About 1,600 DraftKings accounts were drained in the hack.

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